Student Success Guides

These on-demand resources were built for you to help you plan for the semester, develop study strategies, set goals and achieve academic success.

Planning Guides

This Class Organizer is a structured tool to help you organize your classwork, tasks, and activities for the upcoming week, facilitating effective time management and goal achievement.

Download the Class Organizer

This Hourly Planning Guide is a detailed scheduling tool that breaks down each day into hourly segments, enabling you to allocate time efficiently and manage your daily tasks and commitments with precision.

Download the Hourly Planning Guide

A Task Prioritization Grid is a visual framework that lets you categorize and rank your tasks based on urgency and importance, aiding in effective decision-making and time allocation.

Download the Task Prioritization Grid

This Focused Study Session Guide is a specialized organizer designed to help you structure and optimize your study time by setting specific objectives, blocking distractions, and managing study materials for enhanced productivity and retention.

Download the Focused Study Session Guide

The Semester Calendar is a overview of the Spring 2024 semester, allowing you keep track of important dates, upcoming deadlines, and Tulane holidays.  

Download the Semester Calendar