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Skill-based Support

When making any transition, whether it's moving away from home, adjusting to new learning styles or simply taking on a new extra-curricular activity, it’s common for you to experience shifts in demand for your attention and time. Get support in healthily balancing your time and enhance your learning and your foundational academic skills with the help of Student Success. Success coaching, peer tutoring, and our workshops and programs are just a few ways our team can get to know your individual needs and help you master the fundamental skills for learning.

Group of students walking in the quad to a final exam.
Success Coaching

Success Coaches assist students in meeting their goals. To do this, coaches provide students with questions, observations, feedback, encouragement, support, and accountability.

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Academic Learning & Tutoring Center

The ALTC is your partner for academic success. Whether you are looking for a place to study between classes, a tutor for organic chemistry, or a writing coach who understands APA formatting, we can help.

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Student talking during a group discussion in a classroom.

The Student Success team tackles the common challenges students face in real time with workshops strategically scheduled throughout the semester. 

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Student Success provides a variety of program opportunities for students. They work to foster academic success, create an environment intellectual exchange, and encourage community building amongst peers. 

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