Mission & Values


Newcomb-Tulane College’s Student Success team encourages students to be active participants in their academic experience and provides the guidance and support needed on their personal journey to success. Through a myriad of resources, programming, and services, Student Success works to strengthen a student’s academic abilities and elevate their overall education experience. Our team is committed to helping students adjust to university level academics, increasing student academic achievement, expanding skill sets, and promoting an academic culture on campus.


Ensure students adjust to university-level learning and are supported academically and emotionally to excel in the classroom and beyond

Collaborate with students to develop personalized success plans that are tailored to meet individual student needs

Guide students in connecting with academic support resources and on-campus partners in order to reach personal goals

Elevate student's academic skills through opportunities outside the classroom

Empower students to seek out intellectually enriching opportunities that will cultivate a well-rounded academic experience


Student Success works proactively to meet student needs, supporting college transitions, and nurturing campus partnerships to prioritize at-risk intervention and student health and wellness.

Student Success aids students in assessing their academic development in order to enhance their academic skill set and encourages the expansion of student learning beyond the classroom.

Student Success communicates the necessary personal adjustment needed to achieve success at the university level, encouraging students to seek academic support when necessary, and celebrates pivotal academic milestones and individual progress.

Student Success provides leadership development opportunities to students throughout our units and each role develops a transferable skill set that students can take beyond college.