Quality of Work Requirements

Students are responsible for knowing their academic standing at all times.

Newcomb-Tulane College and the Student Success team understand that, as a student, you may be in need of more support at various times throughout your academic journey. If your academic standing falters, we want to begin this support as soon as possible to plan for a successful semester. That is why Newcomb-Tulane College implements these quality of work requirements to get you back on track to graduation. The Student Success team will collaborate with you on an action plan and offer resources to help you attain good standing. Below are the quality of work policies and the requirements to attain good standing.

Remember, you are not alone in this. See our Academic Standing Support Resources webpage for additional ideas on how you can incorporate Student Success into your semester.

Dismissal & Suspension Information


Quality of Work Rules

Full-time Newcomb-Tulane College (NTC) students are expected to have made satisfactory progress toward their degree at the end of each semester. The minimum standards are based on the cumulative grade point average in earned hours at Tulane. The grade point average is computed only on work attempted in undergraduate coursework at Tulane University and excludes both non-credit and satisfactory/unsatisfactory courses.

Full-time undergraduate students enrolled in NTC are degree-seeking students. Those students who are not making satisfactory progress toward a degree are not permitted to remain enrolled at the university.

Continuation Requirements

Students who earn at least 12 credits per full-time semester at Tulane and achieve at least the minimum cumulative grade-point average (GPA) for good standing are considered to be making satisfactory progress toward the baccalaureate degree and are in academic good standing. Policies that apply to students who do not meet these academic standards are described below. Students should note that the standards apply to cumulative GPA in earned hours at Tulane.

Cumulative GPA Requirements

Minimum cumulative GPA requirements are based on the total number of earned hours (EHRS) that a student has accumulated at Tulane. Your earned hours include AP and IB credit hours.

The minimum cumulative GPA for academic good standing is 1.600 in 0-24 EHRS, 1.800 in 24-48 EHRS, and 2.000 in 49 or more EHRS.

Cumulative GPA Requirements
Total Earned Hours Minimum Cumulative GPA for Good Standing
0-24 1.600
25-48 1.800
49 or more 2.000


Requirements for Obtaining Good Academic Standing

  1. Complete an Academic Probation Agreement online on your own and schedule a meeting with a success coach or case manager to review the agreement. 
    This Academic Probation Agreement is reviewed and approved by your success coach or case manager. 
  2. You must obtain the minimum cumulative GPA for good standing within the subsequent term on the next 12 hours of coursework completed.
  3. Meet with your academic advisor once before the last day to drop on the academic calendar and once again during midterm period.
  4. Register for a maximum of 14-16 hours with approval from your academic advisor.
  5. You will be required to engage with at least one of the following campus resources focused on improving your quality of academic work. You will indicate which of the following resources you plan to use on the Academic Probation Agreement form.