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Active Studying

Reading and re-reading your lectures notes and textbook often isn’t enough to prepare for a test or learn material deeply. Active studying, on a deeper, more engaging level, will help you feel better prepared for what you’ll face on an exam, and is a great way to test your knowledge. Here are some simple actions that will employ active learning. 

Group Work

Studying and learning with others helps you see ideas in a new way and also keeps you accountable.

Graphic Organizers

Tables and charts, diagrams, and illustrations help you see the big picture and relationships between ideas.

Flash Cards

Flash cards can help you learn material in small bits over time. Test yourself between classes or whenever you have a spare minute.

Teaching Others

Teach a classmate what you know. This will help you review material and determine what you need to focus on.

Study Guides

Combine the important info from notes and readings into a compact overview of the material.

Making Test Questions

Predict what the exam will ask and answer those questions. This will help you hone your critical thinking skills.