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Meet the Peer Success Leaders

Aryanna Baytop

Aryanna is a sophomore studying Management and Legal Studies with a minor in economics. She is from Los Angeles, California.

Favorite Thing About TU: The vast amount of academic, social, and health resources and services offered to students help to create a sense of community and success.

Tip for Success: Never be afraid to ask for help. Oftentimes there is a resource or service on campus that is waiting for you to find them and ask for help.

Specialty Topics: Campus involvement, Motivation, Self-care, Note-taking, Time Management, Campus Resources, Social Fit, Goal setting


Misha Meyer

Misha (she/her) is a sophomore majoring in Psychology with minors in Spanish, German, and Education. She is from central New Jersey and is also a dual citizen of the Czech Republic. She aspires to become either a clinical psychosexologist, foreign language teacher, or success coach. In addition to being a PSL, she is a FY5 and First-Year Experience Brand Ambassador, Vice President of Marketing on the Residence Hall Association, Vice President of the German Club, a TUPals Mentor, and 504 Voices linguistics research lab assistant.

She is also an avid participant in the Ballroom Dance club and the Spanish Department’s Café Conversación. In her free time, she loves to go on unreasonably long walks, unicycle, crochet stuffed animals, binge self-help content, and learn new languages.

Fun fact: she’s a synesthete! If you see Misha around campus be sure to say hello!

Favorite Thing About TU: That everyone is involved in so many different, seemingly “unrelated” activities across campus!

Tip for Success: Remember that it’s okay—and vital—at times to turn down good opportunities (even the ones that
you could theoretically squeeze into your life). Because even if you are excited about each of the things on your plate
individually, when you get to a place of chronic over-commitment you will have no time or energy to be able to enjoy
any single thing at all.

Specialty Topics: Confronting FOMO (in all ways possible, social, academic, etc.), recovery from being an
overachiever/door mat/people-pleaser, managing chronic procrastination, boundary setting, learning to detach self-worth from
achievement, disengaging from maladaptive comparison, learning to be okay with asking for help, how to create a journal
or planner that works for you, creating space for mindfulness in your busy schedule.

Anna McLeod

Anna is a sophomore studying Public Health and Psychology, originally from Birmingham, MI.

Favorite Thing About TU: The support system available around campus and the desire of the Tulane community to see others succeed.

Tip for Success: Use study breaks as a time for self-care by engaging in activities that you enjoy.

Specialty Topics: Self-care, interacting with professors, time management, campus involvement, goal setting, social fit.