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Coaching Readiness Scale

Below is a list of questions that can help guide you to whether or not you are ready for coaching.

  1. Does I intrinsically want to make improvements?
  2. Am I genuinely interested in partnering with someone to develop plans to reach specific goals?
  3. Am I open to experimenting with new and different approaches to academic and personal tasks?
  4. Am I interested in personal reflection and self-discovery?
  5. Am I willing to modify or eliminate behaviors that limit his/her success?
  6. Am I ready to take part in a collaborative process with a coach and give feedback when appropriate?
  7. Am I willing to attend weekly or biweekly meetings with a coach and arrive on time?
  8. Am I open to finding value in the process, not because someone else has prescribed that I use this resource.

Scale Results:

Checkmark icon.

Yes to 5 or more: Your are ready to engage with coaching.

Two people meeting icon.

 Yes to 3 or 4: You may want to meet with a success coach for an initial meeting to see if coaching is a good fit.

Pause button icon

Yes to 2 or fewer: You may not be ready at this time and may want to consider coaching at another time.