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This series on Genetics was created by Peer Educators Patrick Lyell and Divya Polu.

Episode 1: Genetics Introduction

This video begins our series on Genetics. The question "What is Genetics?" is asked, and several key terms such as heredity, variation, gene, trait, genome, chromosome, and karyotype are defined.

Episode 2: Genotype & Phenotype

This video discusses the definition of genotype and phenotype, as well as the variations of genotype seen with simple Mendelian traits.

Episode 4: Genotype & Phenotype

This video discusses the definition of genotype and phenotype, as well as the variations of genotype seen with simple Mendelian traits.

Episode 19: Incomplete Penetrance, Dominant Mutations

This video discusses incomplete penetrance, expressivity, and penetrance as they relate to incomplete penetrance and the three forms of dominant mutations.

Episode 20: Overdominance, Lethal Alleles

This video discusses overdominance and lethal alleles as inheritance patterns with examples for each.

Episode 24: Maternal Effect

This video discusses maternal effect and how it differs from Mendelian inheritance patterns.

Episode 25: Epigenetic Inheritance: Angelman & Prader-Willi Syndrome

This video discusses the concepts of epigenetics and genomic imprinting using the examples of Angelman and Prader-Willi syndrome.

Episode 27: Dosage Compensation

This video discusses dosage compensation, the way in which organisms with XX/XY sex chromosomes mediate the expression of X-linked genes.

Episode 39: Paracentric & Pericentric Inversions

This video discusses paracentric and pericentric inversions, breakpoint effect, position effect, and the effects of inversions during homologous recombination.

Episode 43: Euploid & Aneuploid

This video defines the terms euploid, aneuploid, autoploid, alloploid, haploid, polyploid, endopolyploidy, and polytene chromosomes.

Episode 45: Bacterial DNA Methylation

This video discusses the process of DNA methylation during bacterial replication and how it acts as a regulatory step in replication.

Episode 47: Eukaryotic Telomere Replication

This video ends the discussion of eukaryotic DNA replication by looking at the issues of replication at telomeres and the mechanism that addresses these issues.

Episode 50: Eukaryotic Initiation & Elongation

This video begins by reviewing the process of eukaryotic transcription by discussing the initiation and elongation of type II promoters.

Episode 64: Lac Operon

Mutations- This video discusses the consequences of mutations in the lac operon, as well as how these consequences within merozygotes. Concepts of cis and trans elements are also emphasized.

Episode 71: miRNAs, siRNAs, piwiRNAs

This video discusses the roles and mechanisms behind miRNA, siRNA, and piwiRNA within the overall picture of the regulation of gene expression.

Episode 76: Homologous Recombination

This video overviews the mechanism of homologous recombination and the specific proteins that function in the process.

Episode 81: Heritability

This video discusses the concept of heritability and the differences between broad and narrow sense heritability.