Calculus and Long Calculus Help

The following resources can help you grasp key concepts to this traditionally difficult course. For more in-person calculus help, utilize the Academic Learning & Tutoring Center's Math Center or its peer tutoring. 

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These video reviews of basic Calculus concepts were created by ALTC peer educators Chinwe Orie and Addie Duncan.

Episode 1: L'hopital Rule 1

The problem is the limit of sin(x)/x with x going to 0 and uses squeeze theorem to do this problem, then introduces an easier method (L’hopital’s rule) to solve this problem in a flash.

Episode 2: L'hopital Rule 2

The problem is for a more complex limit: ln(3x)/x^2 with x going to infinity.

Episode 3: L'hopital Rule 3

The problem is for an even more complex limit: x ln(x + (3/x)).

Episode 1: U-Substitution

Episode 2: The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

Episode 3: Area Between Curves

Episode 4: Antiderivatives, Reimann Sums, and Integration

Helpful Links includes practice problems with step-by-step explanations, as well as additional support resources.

The 3Blue1Brown YouTube channel is comprised of videos that breakdown calculus concepts into something that is manageable and easy to understand. 

Kahn Academy for calculus includes course summaries on key calculus concepts. Test you knowledge of the skills in this course. 

Paul's Online Notes is a site with a complete set of free online (and downloadable) notes and/or tutorials for math classes.

MITOpenCourseware hosts an archive helpful lecture notes and practice problems for many calc courses. compiles explanation videos on kep concepts and includes practice problems, all while being categorized by topic. includes free math videos for everyone to use.