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The following resources can help you grasp key concepts to this traditionally difficult course.

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The following videos are brought to you by ALTC peer educators Arielle Morris, Ellie Young, and Ashlyn Driskell.

Episode 1: Introduction to Gen Chem I

Episode 2: Basics of Chemistry

In this video, in this order, I give a general understanding of significant figures, I discuss sig figs with the addition and subtraction rule, then with the multiplication and division rule. After that, I go into SI units, followed by matter and its classifications. Then, I talk about unit conversions and important equations. From 7:45 to the end, I go over 2 practice problems that involve measurements and conversions, incorporating unit conversions, equations, and significant figure rules.

Episode 3: Limiting Reactants

Limiting Reactants In this video, I describe an overview of how I like to approach limiting reactants (from 0:10 to 1:42), and the rest of the video is a step by step limiting reactant practice problem!

Episode 4: Percent Yield (and Limiting Reactants)

In this video, I describe an overview of percent yield (from 0:20 to 1:25), and the rest of the video is a step by step percent yield practice problem, which also applies the concept of limiting reactants!

Episode 5: Periodic Table Trends

I discuss periodic trends in the following order: atomic radius/size/polarizability; ionization energy and electron affinity; nonmetallic character and metallic character.

Episode 6: Resonance Structures, Formal Charges and Lewis Structures

In this video, I go over resonance, formal charge, an example with resonance and formal charges, and then an example with Lewis structures that ties all of the concepts together.

Episode 7: VSEPR Notation

In this video, I discuss Hybridization, give an overview of generic formulas, and then go over all of the important information for 1 Domain, 2 Domains, 3 Domains, 4 Domains, 5 Domains, & 6 Domains. This information includes: bond angles, electron geometry, molecularly geometry or geometries, generic formula types, examples, and visuals of the formulas and examples. I also give many tips and tricks on how to go about these types of questions throughout the video!

Helpful Links

Khan Academy for chemistry includes course summaries on subjects such as math, physics, and general science skills, which chemistry draws on. Test your knowledge on these subjects to build a solid foundation for success in chem.

MITOpenCourseware hosts an archive helpful lecture notes and practice problems for many chemistry courses.

The University of California, Berkeley grants open-access to its online general chemistry video repository. With over 400 videos organized into 13 thematic Modules and further subdivided into 38 Lessons, this repository represents a wealth of open-access materials for students of general chemistry.

Elmherst College's Virtual Chem Book has short blurbs on key concepts. Use these as a quick refresher.

St. Olaf College's General Chemistry Toolkit  provides access to web-based materials of general use.

The Ohio State University's General Chemistry Resources includes a general quiz for knowledge you should have coming into gen chem, brief summaries to familiar topics, brief introductions to new topics, and visual guides to help you learn.