Setting Up Virtual Study Groups

Looking to create your own virtual study group with friends or classmates? Follow these simple tips from our tutors in the Academic Learning & Tutoring Center.

Find a Platform

Zoom is a great platform on which you can host many people, as well as breakout into small groups using their breakout room feature. It also lets you share screens, which is useful for peer-teaching. GoConqr is specifically designed for study groups, and allows you to share resources, set up study sessions, and join other private or public study groups. RCampus is another tool that allows members to create study groups and allow access to their classmates via a group ID.

Utilize Virtual Tools

Google Drive allows multiple collaborators to work on the same file simultaneously, which is particularly useful for group projects or papers. Quizzing tools like Kahoot let groups engage in question-based learning. You can have each classmate submit five questions and test your understanding through interactive learning.

Identify a Moderator

Having someone responsible for keeping the study session on track is a good way to keep the group focused on the task at hand. If you have a recurring study group, then each member might take a turn being the moderator for a given session.

Set an Agenda

Another important way to stay on task is to set an agenda for the topics that you would like to cover as a group. This might be via a Google doc that members can add to before the session, or via more informal means such as GroupMe.

Take Breaks

Studies show that taking short breaks between focused studying sprints is an effective way to keep your brain focused and refreshed. You might try the pomodoro technique, in which you study for 25 minutes, take a 5 minute break, then repeat. You can also do this with 50 minutes with 10 minute break intervals. There are also great pomodoro timer apps that you can download!

Stay Positive

Stay patient, encourage one another, and maintain a good attitude to keep the group focused on your common goal.

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