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Healthy Habits to Springboard Success

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Small tweaks to your daily routine can result in big changes. Consider adopting some of these habits to strike a school-life balance and cultivate a healthy lifestyle. Whether you pick only one or two, or choose to do a bit of everything, we’re sure these tips will set you off in the right direction for a better, more productive day. 

Wake Up Early

We’re not suggesting a 6 a.m. wake-up call seven days a week, but starting your day an hour before your classes begin can be beneficial in preparing for and planning your day. This allows time to get ready for the day, intentionally pack your bag, review class material, finish assignments, etc. 

Make Your Bed

Consider it your first task of the day! By making your bed you’re starting your day on a productive note and creating a tidy environment for yourself. A clean space can clear your head, ease your anxiety, and shift your mindset from sleep mode into work mode.


Although it’s incredibly tempting to head straight for the coffee pot, try to substitute that cup of joe with one or two cups of water. You’re starting your day off slightly dehydrated after being asleep all night. Not only will a glass of water energize you but starting off with it leads to better digestion and staves off hunger feelings. Make a note that the more active you are, the more liquids you need to replenish your body.

Move Your Body

A workout session, yoga stretches, dancing it out as you move around your room, whatever you feel comfortable with. A body in motion tends to stay in motion (tips hat at Sir Isaac Newton). So, if you’re struggling to start your day, push back those covers and simply get moving.

Breakfast (& Other Important Meals)

The most important meal of the day. If you’re not making time for a trip to the Commons before class, pack some small snacks in your bag like a banana or trial mix so you’re still getting in some fuel before starting your day.

Don't just stop at breakfast! Food can be the fuel that keeps you going. Read this article from Spoon University, A Beginner's Guide to Eating Your Way Through Finals Week, that details some of the best brain foods you can incorporate into your day. 


It doesn’t have to be just your notes or your textbook, although that's encouraged. Read for leisure, if that’s what you want to do. Think of this as your brain’s morning warm-up, the stretching before the mental exercise that is your school day.

Create a To-do List

Make today intentional. Write down some small, achievable goals to cross off as you go. Maybe it says you eat breakfast, take a 15-minute walk in Audubon Park between classes, complete 5 homework problems, and start an outline for that upcoming paper, and schedule your next tutoring appointment.

Set Tomorrow's Launch Pad

Make your tomorrow that much easier. Pick out the next day’s outfit. Pack the next day’s lunch and snacks. Compile tomorrow’s assignments, textbooks, notebooks, and supplies and have ready to be packed in your bag. Whatever you need to make life a little bit easier for your future self.

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