How to Destress While On Campus During COVID-19

By: Anusha Rahman (she/her/hers), Peer Success Leader, 2020-2021

In the world of COVID-19, we hear a lot about what we shouldn’t be doing. We shouldn’t hang out with large groups of people, we shouldn’t go to crowded bars and venues, and we shouldn’t hang out with people without properly wearing a mask. But what should we do? How can we actively destress and have fun while taking care of ourselves and others in this unprecedented time? Here, I’ve outlined some tips and tricks for destressing while on campus - in a safe, healthy, and COVID-appropriate manner.

Tip #1: Check out WaveSync

WaveSync is the hub for all student organizations on campus. Whether you’re interested in a Greek org or you want to join the Harry Potter club, there are a multitude of organizations on WaveSync that you can explore. Each organization puts up their upcoming events, so that portal is a great way to explore what there is to do on campus.

Tip #2: Tulane After Dark (TAD) and the JAUNT Series

If you’re looking for something to do on evenings and weekends, then the TAD program and the JAUNT series are great places to explore! Partnering with the LBC, TAD hosts movie nights, pub trivia, and do-at-home craft kits. The JAUNT series allows you to explore the city of New Orleans, like small-group museum tours. TAD programs and the JAUNT series can be done on your own or with a friend!

Tip #3: Enjoy the Outdoors

While a lot of quads are currently occupied with temporary classrooms, there is still ample space on campus and close to campus for you to spend some quality time outdoors. Unplug and go for a walk, or maybe listen to a podcast while taking a stroll around Audubon Park. New Orleans is known for its beautiful weather all year-round, so take advantage of it! You could also grab a friend and a blanket and have a picnic on the quad or in Audubon Park.

Tip #4: Coffee Break at PJ’s or Smoothie Break at Rowlin’ and Bowlin’

With three PJ’s Coffees around campus, take a quick break from whatever you’re doing to check out their handcrafted drinks! With the holidays coming up, look out for their gingerbread and peppermint drinks, super delicious. A personal favorite of mine is Rowlin’ and Bowlin’ inside Le Gourmet - I highly recommend the Super Monkey bowl. A great destressing break is grabbing a snack from PJ’s or Rowlin’ and Bowlin’ and, paired with Tip #3, spending some quality time outside!

Tip #5: Walk to Pickup Breakfast or Lunch at Nearby Restaurants and Cafes

While this tip isn’t on-campus, it’s peri-campus, so I think it’s okay. New Orleans is such a diverse and vibrant city, and there’s so much to do just in a one-mile radius around campus. Check out the Dining Services websites for restaurants that take NOLABucks, and go for a walk to pickup breakfast or lunch. If you are looking for suggestions that don’t take NOLABucks, I recommend Humble Bagel and French Truck Coffee for breakfast and Dat Dog or Mint for lunch. A bonus, Dat Dog and French Truck Coffee have lots of outdoor seating!

Tip #6: Take the Streetcar for a Ride

You don’t have to get off anywhere, but you can see the city from a historical vantage point - the infamous New Orleans streetcar. For a cheap thrill, hop on the streetcar and go for a spin around New Orleans, taking in nature, the people, and local places! Enjoy the beautiful outdoor weather and wind, without interacting with people, in a relatively safe manner.

Take a Virtual Tour of St. Charles Avenue and Plan a Trip!

View the Streetcar Schedule

There is a lot to do on-campus and close-to-campus that can allow you to take moments to destress and breathe. This semester is stressful, so make sure you’re taking time to take care of yourself and your mental health. You deserve a break - you’ve got this!