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"I have gained a lot of confidence in myself. I am a lot more organized, manage my time well, have good methods for studying and taking notes, have a schedule."


"It has impacted my academics greatly. Before working with my coach I had a 3.3, this semester I got a 4.0."

— Student

"Working with a coach provided me a great outlet to go to with any academic or well-being issues. It was incredibly helpful to discover strategies and to have a bond with a staff member."

— Student

"My coach has made it possible for me to trust my abilities and not give up allowing me to reach my goals of doing well in classes and getting through my first semester."

— Lyle

"My coach has helped me reduce my stresses outside of college and therefore helped me focus on my work without outside distractions and has been a great impacting figure on my happiness!"

— Student

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