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Tutor Matching Services

The Tutor Matching Service is a private service that matches local tutors with students.

As a courtesy to students and parents wanting individual assistance for students, the Academic Learning Center provides a link to Tutoring Matching Service (TMS). TMS is an online tutor marketplace. The service brings online the process of finding, scheduling, and paying a private tutor. Students can register to receive private tutoring for payment.

Access the Tutor Matching Service

Please note that Tulane University is not affiliated with Tutor Matching Service (TMS). Tutors on TMS are not employees or independent contractors of Tulane University. Rather, the tutors on TMS are private contractors hired directly by students. Tulane University neither guarantees the quality of TMS or its tutors, verifies the credentials or criminal and professional background of TMS or its tutors, nor endorses TMS or its tutors in any way. Tulane University makes no warranty, express or implied, of any kind, regarding the services provided by TMS or its tutors. Students are urged to read and follow the TMS terms of service carefully in order to get the best experience.


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