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Peer Tutoring

Meet one-on-one with a trained ALTC peer tutor who excelled in the course to review class concepts, work practice problems, ask questions, and get support. Students seeking tutoring are expected to abide by the Academic Learning & Tutoring Center's Tutee Expectations document.



New ALTC Space

The Academic Learning & Tutoring Center is now located in the basement Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, Building #60, across from The Commons. This space contains private study rooms, group work spaces, and individual and two-person tables separated by partitions. Amenities such as whiteboard tables and rolling whiteboard stands are also included.

Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, Suite B01


Courses We Tutor

The courses we tutor vary by semester depending on our staff.  We typically have tutors for the following classes, but this list is not comprehensive and we cannot guarantee that a tutor will be available for any course.

Math & Science

CELL 1010, CELL 2050, CHEM 1070/80, CHEM 2410/20, EBIO 1010, NSCI/PSYC 3300, PHYS 1220, PHYS 1310/20, PSYC 1000, MATH 1110, MATH 1140, MATH 1150/60, MATH 1210, MATH 1220, MATH 1230, MATH 1310, ENGP 1410

Accounting, Business & Economics

ACCN 2010, ACCN 2110, ACCN 3010, ACCN 3100, ECON 1010, ECON 1020, ECON 3010, FINE 3010, MGSC 3010

Languages & Art

ARHS 1010, FREN 1010/20, FREN 2030, ITAL 1010, SPAN 1010/20, RUSS 1010/20, ASTC 1010/20

Booking a Tutor

All Tutoring is by appointment only. Students can schedule through Canvas or schedule an appointment through our Scheduling Portal!


You must schedule appointments at least 48 hours in advance, and tutors in high demand subjects such as Chemistry and Calculus book up quickly, so plan ahead.

Peer Tutoring Format

Tutoring appointments are 30 minutes long. 

All appointments are held virtually through Accudemia. You can log into the Zooom session from your confirmation email or your Accudemia account. Make sure you have your notes, assignments, and textbook available before logging in for your session.

Your tutor may use the whiteboard in Zoom to work problems. Some students find it easier to use a stylus that works with their track pad or touch-screen, but it is not necessary.

Tutors will walk you through a concept or problem to help you discover the answer.  Tutoring sessions are highly interactive and experiential.  Come prepared to take an active role in the learning process! Tutors can also help you improve your study skills and take better notes. Tutors will not assist with homework or work on any assignment that will be graded or evaluated. Tutors cannot fill you in on a week (or semester's) worth of information in 30 minutes.  They are not a replacement for attending class and doing the assigned work.  

No Show & Cancellations

You must cancel your appointment through the Accudemia App at least 24 hours in advance.  Contact your tutor to see if you can reschedule your appointment instead. There is a $25 no-show fee for any appointment canceled less than 24 hours in advance.  

We try very hard to not cancel scheduled appointments, but sometimes the unavoidable happens. If we must cancel your appointment we will try and reschedule you with another tutor, if one is available.

Inclement weather- We will not necessarily cancel sessions due to inclement weather, but please be aware that power outages, internet disruptions, and other events may prevent a tutor from keeping an appointment. We will work with you and your tutor to reschedule your appointment.

Get Help By Subject

Becoming a Tutor

The ALTC provides almost 100 peer tutoring job opportunities for students to build leadership skills and develop relationships with peers, faculty and staff. Learn more about this opportunity on the Student Success Student Leadership webpage.


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