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ALEKS Self-Assessments

Success in college starts with choosing the correct courses. The ALEKS (Assessment & Learning in Knowledge Spaces) Assessment Test is recommended for all incoming freshmen who are planning to take Calculus 1, General Chemistry, or Intro to Cell & Molecular Biology during their first year at Tulane.

The ALEKS is an individualized, adaptive learning tool that can help determine your best course placement. It assesses what you do or don't already know and what you are most ready to learn to create a personalized learning plan that efficiently prepares you for your class coursework. The ALEKS assessment will also give you the opportunity to take an additional Prep and Learning Course to review subject areas that you tested lower in prior to school starting. ALEKS is available to Tulane students for $25 per course for 6 weeks of access to the Knowledge Check and Learning Modules.

Accessing the Assessment

ALEKS Website Instructions

For help during this registration process, please contact ALEKS Customer Support.

You will need the 10 digit Class Code listed above for the specific ALEKS module you are registering for in order to complete your registration.

  1. Go to the ALEKS website and select SIGN UP NOW! under the Registered Users box.
  2. Enter the 10-character Class Code for the ALEKS module you are registering for and select Continue.
  3. Verify your enrollment information to make sure you are enrolling in the correct class. If the information is incorrect, check your class code and select Cancel to return to the previous page. If your information is correct, select the Confirm button.
  4. Indicate whether you have used ALEKS before and select the Continue button. If you have used ALEKS before, you will be prompted to enter your existing login and password. You can retrieve your login information by selecting the I forgot my login information link.
  5.  If you entered existing ALEKS account information in Step 2, you will bypass Step 3 and arrive at your My Classes page. Otherwise, complete registration to create an ALEKS account and select Continue. A confirmation email will be sent to the email you provided. Save your new login information!
  6. Select "No, I need to purchase an access code" and select Continue.
  7. After applying a valid access code to the new class, you will be taken to your My Classes page where the class tile displays in the Active section. Select the tile to begin working in the class, beginning with the ALEKS Tools Tutorial.


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