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Academic Learning & Tutoring Center

The ALTC is your partner for academic success. Whether you are looking for a place to study between classes, a tutor for organic chemistry, or a writing coach who understands APA formatting, we can help.

COVID-19 Response

The Academic Learning and Tutoring Center will be closed to students at this time. However, all peer tutoring, writing coaching, and SI programs will be available as virtual appointments. Appointments can be made in TimeTap and will be held in GoBoard. Check TimeTap for available tutoring appointments and check for emails from your SI about when they will be scheduling sessions. We encourage all students to create a TimeTap account and take advantage of these resources as distance learning has unique challenges.

Make an ALTC Appointment

Two students studying together, while one flips a page in a notebook.
Peer Tutoring

One-on-one meetings with a trained tutor.

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Student lecturing to a full classroom.
Supplemental Instruction

Regularly scheduled, out-of-class review sessions for all students enrolled in a targeted, traditionally-difficult course.

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Woman writing at her desk in pencil.
Academic Writing Center

Work with a Writing Coach and get help on your academic paper at any stage of the writing process.

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Calculator resting on an math open textbook.
Math Center

Designed for students enrolled in difficult calculus and statistic courses. Work out problems individually or with a group, ask questions, and get helpful advice from math department teaching assistants to find the correct solution.

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Advisor lecturing to students in a classroom.
ALEKS Testing

Success in college starts with appropriate course placement. The ALEKS (Assessment & Learning in Knowledge Spaces) Assessment Test is recommended for all incoming freshmen who are planning to take Calculus 1, General Chemistry, or Intro to Cell & Molecular Biology during their first year at Tulane. 

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Tutor Matching Services
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