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Incoming Student & Family Resources

Worried about making the transition from high school to college? Wondering how hard classes will be or how you'll make friends? Let the Office of Student Success help you ease into college life. We can connect you to resources in our own office and across campus that can help you acclimate to Tulane. Get started using some of the buttons linked below!

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For our parents and families, we believe that you are valuable partners in supporting and inspiring student success. Help your new student learn to manage their academic and personal success by encouraging them to utilize our academic support resources and reach out to our on-campus partners. Working together, we can provide a dynamic support system for your student.

Before Attending Orientation

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ALEKS Testing

Success in college starts with the right course placement. The ALEKS (Assessment & Learning in Knowledge Spaces) Assessment Test is recommended for all incoming freshmen who are planning to take Calculus 1, General Chemistry, or Intro to Cell & Molecular Biology during their first year at Tulane.

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Summer Success Coaching

Whether you're in New Orleans or abroad, our Academic Success Coaching team can still prepare for your first year at Tulane. Available to you via Zoom, students can call in for a quick talk to have their questions about Tulane answered or for a standard one-on-one coaching meeting.

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NTC's First-Year Experience Programs

Familairize yourself with these programs before New Student Orientation. Newcomb-Tulane College's First Year Experience Programs provide intellectually engaging opportunites through academic discussion with faculty and peers. Students will also learn of the many resources Tulane offers for support and engagement, as well as get connected with other first-year students. 

These are simple, easy suggestions on how to engage with our office throughout your first year. Students, let this list be a starting point for cultivating successful habits early on in college. Parents and families, let these points help guide conversation and help you direct your student to the appropriate campus resources as you check in.

Monthly Reflections for First-Year Students & Families


Use your free time during the summer to start preparing for your first year at Tulane.

  • Schedule an in-person or virtual Summer Success Coaching appointment to discuss your academic, personal, and career goals for your first year.
  • Take the ALEKS Test, if you're interested in pursing a major(s) in a STEM-related field. This will help you familiarize yourself with the course material and determine your proper course placement.
  • Review our Undergraduate Success Plan.
  • Complete the Tulane Reading Project's summer reading selection. One part of Newcomb-Tulane College's First-Year Experience Programs, you'll revisit this book through academic discussion with faculty and mentors at orientaiton. 

Get settled into your housing space, gather your syllabi, and start planning your semester.

  • Connect with new people in your residence hall or residential learning community during floor meetings and welcome events.
  • Introduce yourself to your Newcomb-Tulane College Residential Faculty Mentor.
  • Include important housing dates in your planner and semester plan, listed on the Housing and Residential Life website.
  • Attend Success Coaching's workshops and programs early to develop a solid foundation for your semester.
  • Meet with your professors during office hours to introduce yourself, discuss research opportunities, and ask any questions you may have about future coursework.
  • Explore Campus Life's 200+ student organizations and find one or two to get involved with this year.

Begin planning for your first midterm exams, happening next month!


Midterms month is here! Don't let an opportunity for help boosting your GPA haunt you. Take advantage of our resources so you can further prepare for your upcoming exams.


Thanksgiving Break is this month, and this may be your first trip back home! It's also the time to register for spring courses. Before leaving campus, it is important to make an advising appointment with an Academic Advisor and prioritize your remaining tasks and assignments to stay on top of your remaining courseload. Finals will be here before you know it!


Finals are HERE! Before the holiday celebrations can commence, you have to take your exams and leave campus. The process of exams and temporarily moving back home can be stressful. Utilize stress management and exam prep services that are free to you on campus.

  • Enjoy free study breaks and destress programs on campus
  • Work with Housing & Residential Life to ensure you pack properly before leaving campus

Over winter break, be sure to rest, relax, and reflect on your Tulane experience thus far. Use the reflection questions below and ask yourself what you hope to accomplish in the coming semester. 

Reflection Questions:

  • What did I like about my fall semester?
  • What would I change about my semester and my academic performance?
  • What did I learn were my greatest strengths? My biggest areas for improvement?
  • Were my milestones and goals mostly met, and how much did I deviate from them if any?
  • How will I use what I've learned in the future?

New year, new semester! Now that you've reflected on your performance the previous semester, you're able to take what you've learned and apply it to this new semester. Let us guide you into accomplishing your goals and making this year your best yet.


Midterms (and Mardi Gras Break) are fast approaching. It's time to start preparing again before the festivities begin. Goal: make grades you'd want to parade down the street.

  • Utilize Office of Student Success's resources to make a study schedule, explore wellness tools and strategies, and more.
  • Utilize the Academic Learning and Tutoring Center's individual peer tutoring, Supplemental Instruction sessions, and Academic Writing Center to get exam ready!
  • Visit your professor in office hours to ask questions and gain additional insight into course material. 

Midterms are back!  Take advantage of the free on-campus resources to help you further prepare for your upcoming exams.


It's time to register for summer and fall classes AND prepare for finals again! Get started with exam prep now. Your future self thanks you. 


Finals are HERE! Utilize stress management and exam prep services that are free to you on campus. When cleaning out your residence hall, be sure to set some things aside for Tulane's Trash to Treasure event. The FedEx in the LBC has packing resources for you to utilize to make moving out as easy as possible.

  • Enjoy free study breaks and destress programs on campus
  • Use on-campus packing services, courtesy of the LBC FedEx.
  • As you move out, donate unwanted, gently used items to Trash to Treasure.