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Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Success Coaching

What is Success Coaching?

Success Coaches assist students in reaching goals related to academic and personal pursuits. Success Coaches meet individually with students on a regular basis to challenge and support them as they navigate life at Tulane. Popular coaching topics include time management, accountability, realistic goal-setting, improving study skills, investigating learning styles, reducing test anxiety, the transition from high school to college, exploring interests and strengths, decision-making, and improving campus involvement.

How does your office support the academic needs of students?

Our office has a unique approach in serving students who may be impacted by a learning difference and/or ADHD. Our Success Coaches have extensive training and expertise in ADHD Coaching. Our coaches work with students to explore neurodiversity, ADHD support strategies, as well as other learning theories such as Bloom’s Taxonomy and The Study Cycle. Other frameworks and models our coaches utilize include Growth Mindset researched by Carol Dweck, PERMA Model, VIA, Motivational Interviewing, and ADDCA approaches.

How does one apply for Success Coaching?

Prior to the start of a new semester, students can apply by filling out the application. A parent, professor, academic advisor, or other staff member may also nominate a student. When there is no longer availability, applicants will be placed on the wait list. 

If a student is struggling after midterms and is not already meeting with a coach, he or she can apply to meet with a coach for Academic Recharge. Academic Recharge is a series of individualized meetings focused on creating a plan for a student's academic success.

What is the difference between coaching and counseling?

In coaching, most exploration will take place on current and future focused priorities. This may include exploration of values, beliefs, and strengths. If coaches do delve into the past, it will be in areas where the student has experienced success, fulfillment, and joy and determine how he/she can bring the most important elements of those moments into the present. Together, the student and the coach set clear outcomes for each coaching session. Coaches will provide students with questions, observations, feedback, support, and accountability with a concentration on action-oriented results. If any concerns arise pertaining to psychological trauma or mental health challenges, coaches will refer students to explore those in a counseling setting.

What are your hours?

Monday - Fridays: 8:30-5:00pm

Where are you located?

Success Coaching is located in Mussafer Hall (Building #9).

What if I still have questions?

Email us at  We will be happy to answer any questions you have about our services!

Academic Learning & Tutoring Center

What is the Academic Learning & Tutoring Center?

We offer a variety of free Peer Learning Support Programs for students who wish to become more strategic and independent learners. Our Services include 1:1 content tutoring, 1:1 writing help, group / walk-in tutoring for select courses, and a unique group learning experience called Supplemental Instruction for select courses. Tulane’s Academic Learning & Tutoring Center  aims to enrich learning potential and to help students develop into more strategic and independent learners.

How does one make an appointment with the Academic Learning Center?

Students can make an appointment for free Tutoring or Writing Assistance through our online scheduling app:

Schedule a Tutor

What is Supplemental Instruction?

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic support program that offers weekly review sessions for some classes at Tulane that are traditionally difficult. SI leaders are students who have previously excelled in the class; they hold regular review sessions and are available to assist students outside of class. The SI Schedule can be found in the Academic Learning Center page on this website. 

Which subjects have tutors?

This can vary each semester. You can click on the Schedule Appointments tab to see if we are offering tutoring for 

What are your hours?

Mondays - Thursdays: 10:00am - 8:00pm
Fridays: 10:00am - 3:00pm
Sundays: 12:00pm - 6:00pm
Closed Saturdays and university holidays.

How qualified are the tutors?

Our student staff members are nationally Certified Peer Educators. Tutors are graduate and undergraduate students who have excelled in the courses they tutor. Tutors are required attend training sessions throughout the academic year.

How much can a tutor help me?

The Academic Learning & Tutoring Center is not a homework or proofreading service. Peer Educators teach skills to enable students to be successful on their own. Tutors may demonstrate the theory, provide a detailed explanation, or solve a similar type of homework problem, but not solve the homework problem itself. Examples may be devised or obtained from a textbook. Tutors are not allowed to work with students on take-home tests, or any material that will be submitted for a grade or evaluation.  Writing consultants will work with students on organization, clarity, academic language and style, but will not proofread or edit assignments.    

Can I study at The Academic Learning Center?

Yes. There are tables available for studying, or group projects/meetings.  Printing and Copy services are also available.

How can I apply to be a tutor?

The online application for Tutoring, Writing, and Desk Attendant can be found here:

Apply Now to be a Peer Educator

Where are you located?

The Academic Learning & Tutoring Center (tutoring, writing support) is located in the Science and Engineering Building #14. This is located on the academic quad, next to Flower Hall.

What if I still have questions?

If you have questions about the Academic Learning & Tutoring Center , please call us at (504) 865-5103.  We will be happy to answer any questions you have!