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Student Job Opportunities

Apply Now to be a Peer Educator

Working for the Tulane Academic Success Center is an excellent opportunity for students to build leadership skills and to develop important relationships with peers, faculty, and staff. The application and hiring process is open on a rolling basis; however, we recruit over the summer.

Peer Educators are a select group of students who excel academically and stand out as leaders on campus. They foster success in and out of the classroom by providing support, motivation, and accountability to fellow students in a 1-on-1 or group setting. Their approach is customized to meet students where they are academically and personally and help guide them to where they want to go. They offer a variety of academic resources and personal development services such as:

  • supplemental instruction (SI)
  • group tutoring
  • 1:1 content tutoring
  • 1:1 writing support
  • resumes and cover letters

What is a Certified Peer Educator?

Peer Educators receive 15-hours of training over the course of the semester that provide foundational training suitable for any collegiate peer education group. The training concentrates on the skills needed by all peer educators to:

  • have a basic understanding of modern learning theory
  • communicate and create relationships with the students who they support
  • make referrals of students at risk to professionals
  • work with a students who have different learning styles and backgrounds
  • understand the importance of confidentiality in their sessions
  • develop leadership and team building skills