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The Story of Failure

The Story of Failure

The Story of Failure Program represents cross campus collaboration between students, faculty, and staff who desire to support students in normalizing failure and growing resilience.

We have a shared belief that students in college are facing unique challenges that require a resilient nature to persevere both within the University and as a global citizen. We want to support students in normalizing failure, learning from mistakes, and growing their resilience. Our mission is to support students in developing a mindset that allows them to grow from failure as they navigate the unavoidable challenges of a rigorous education and meaningful life. We also acknowledge the emotional impact that failure has on all of us and want to provide students an outlet to share these experiences.

Resilience can be understood and described in a variety of ways. Resilience can be described as having a growth-mindset, GRIT, persistence, willingness to take risks, adapting to change, problem-solving, and so much more!

Guiding Principles:

  • Growth-Mindset researched by Carol Dweck
  • GRIT researched by Angela Lee Duckworth
  • Positive Psychology
  • Neurodiversity
  • Strengths Based Approaches 
  • Resilience Consortium 

Program Goals:

  1. Redefine failure as an important piece of the learning process.
  2. Shift the campus perception that failure must be avoided in order to be successful.
  3. Support students to strategically move forward when faced with adversity. 







Resilience Programming 

Connect to Our Campus

In the midst of adversity there is a tendency to become closed-off or isolated. Talking about emotions and setbacks can feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. However, the best way to build a resilient nature is to connect oneself with support networks. Below is a list of campus resources that students may find beneficial. 

Success Coaching

Tulane Success Coaches are professional coaches, credentialed through the International Coach Federation, who support undergraduate students in their academic, personal, and career success. Through regular one-on-one meetings, Success Coaches assist students in exploring their unique processing styles and ingrained habits/beliefs, as well as creating actionable steps to meet their goals. Coaches frequently partner with students on the following topics: executive function concerns, neurodiversity, time-management, motivation, testing anxiety, stress management, college transition, and decision-making.

Click here to connect with Success Coaching

Tutoring and Writing Center

We offer a variety of Peer Learning Support Programs for students who wish to become more strategic and independent learners. Our services include 1.1 content tutoring, 1.1 writing help, group/walking in tutoring for select courses, and unique group learning experience called Supplemental instruction for selected courses.

Click here to connect with the Tutoring and Writing Center 

Academic Advising Center

Academic Advising is a collaborative partnership that maximizes the individual potential of students by sharing information, tools, and resources that empower students to make informed decisions about creating appropriate academic and career plans to achieve their academic, career, and life goals.

The Tulane Academic Advising Center is here to help you make the best choices when it comes to your major and degree decisions.

Click here to connect with The Tulane Academic Advising Center 

Counseling and Psychology Services (CAPS)

CAPS provides confidential counseling and psychiatric services to students in an inclusive and affirming environment.  An interdisciplinary staff offers support through individual short-term therapy, group therapy, medication evaluations, and outreach activities.  Walk-in services are also available for those in urgent need, and a care coordinator can assist students in establishing treatment with New Orleans community providers.

Click here to connect with Counseling and Psychology Services (CAPS)

Goldman Center for Student Accessibility

The Goldman Center for Student Accessibility is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible environment for all who study and work at Tulane University.  Our staff members focus on “leveling the playing field”, and work directly with students, faculty and staff to accomplish this objective. When necessary, reasonable accommodations can be implemented (e.g., extended time for tests, alternate format texts, note-taking assistance, etc.) to meet the needs of our students with physical, psychological, and/or learning disabilities, as well as those diagnosed with ADHD or disorders on the Autism Spectrum.  Because no two students are alike, our staff members work to develop individualized plans that afford students with disabilities the same opportunity for success as their non-disabled peers.

Click here to connect with the Goldman Center for Student Accessibility

Hire Tulane Grads Career Center

The Tulane Career Center offers services to students for a variety of career needs, such as:

  • How to choose a major or a career path which best suits their interests, skills and personal values
  • Finding a job or internship
  • Preparing for graduate school
  • Writing resumes and cover letters
  • Practicing and preparing for interviews 
  • Streamlining goals and strategies to optimize future success
  • Career development resources

Click here to connect with Hire Tulane Grads Career Center 

Center for Engaged Learning and Teaching (CELT)

Tulane University’s Center for Engaged Learning and Teaching (CELT) provides theoretical and applied resources, tools and direction to the university community to realize the goal of engaged learning at Tulane. CELT coalesces and serves as a clearinghouse for the university’s engaged learning experiences. Our structure is based on three core areas: Classroom EngagementExperiential Engagement, and Research Engagement.

Click here to connect with the Center for Engaged Learning and Teaching (CELT)

The Well

The Well for Health Promotion (The Well) is devoted to engaging the Tulane community in creating a healthier campus, building individual capacity for health, and reducing barriers to wellness. We embrace a positive, holistic, social justice-oriented definition of health, and provide research informed programming that acknowledges that well-being, engaged learning, academic success, citizenship, and openness to diversity are inextricably connected. Our structure is based on a five priority areas: Mental well-being, Gender-based violence prevention, Substance abuse prevention, Sexual health promotion, and Tobacco cessation.

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Get Involved

Student, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni Involvement

We are encouraging students, staff, faculty, and alumni to share their own personal stories of resilience. Anyone that has been successful can testify that the road to success is often messy, frightening, uncertain, and unpredictable. We hope that as respected Tulane Community Members share their stories, it will normalize the idea of failure and setbacks. Our desire is that students will learn to feel more confident and determined in spite of failure, and believe that they can be successful even in the midst of adversity.

Below are a few topic areas that have been trending among our students. If you have a personal journey with any of these topics, and would be willing to work with us to highlight your story, we would be grateful. 

Example Topics:

Culture Shock
Faculty Stories
Family Tragedy
First Generation Studies
Injury and Illness
Responding to Criticism
Uncertainty of Career Path
Changing Majors
Returning to College
Failed Startups
Fear of Failure
Getting Published
Imposter Syndrome
Learning Differences


If you would like to get involved with programming for The Story of Failure please contact