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Academic Learning & Tutoring Center

Whether you are looking for a place to study between classes, a tutor for Organic Chemistry, tips on taking better notes in class, or a writing coach who understands APA formatting, the Academic Learning & Tutoring Center can help.

See our Supplemental Instruction page for SI schedules. Appointments with our tutors and writing coaches can be scheduled via TimeTap. Use the button below to make your appointment.

Schedule an ALTC Appointment


ALTC Services


Peer tutor working with a student

Peer Tutoring

One-on-one meetings with a trained tutors.

Supplemental Instruction

Regularly scheduled, out-of-class review sessions for all students enrolled in a targeted, traditionally-difficult course.

Academic Writing Center

Work with a Writing Coach and get help on your academic paper at any stage of the writing process.

Join Our Team

Apply to be a peer tutor, supplemental instructor, or academic writing coach.

Online Success Resources

Success starts somewhere, start here with our free, downloadable resources. 

Tutor Matching Services

Interested in a private tutor? Let us help you find one.