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Mission, Values, & Goals

The Office of Student Success strives to ensure student success and full engagement from the Tulane University community through academic programming, support services and resources, and access to retention data and information. 

Our Mission:

The Office of Student Success aims to support students as they chart their course to success. We want to build on the academic experience of all Tulane University students by continuously developing an environment of academic programming, wellness services, and faculty engagement beyond the classroom. Our office seeks to align available campus resources with this mission and to provide easy access to retention data and student feedback so that campus partners and decision makers can make informed choices that will best support future student success.

Our Values:

We encourage every member of the Tulane University campus community to hold student success as a major focus.

We strive to provide effective and readily available university resources that support students as they pursue their goals.

We are committed to Tulane University’s drive for deeper diversity and inclusivity. We want students of every background and worldview to have the ability to pursue their unique goals and to feel a sense of belonging, both personally and academically, on our campus.

We want all students to have knowledge of and access to university resources that can support them. We aim to build a campus culture that cultivates student autonomy and academic and personal confidence, while still ensuring genuine support and attention from their instructors, advisors, and support coaches so that no one ever feels lost in the shuffle. We want to empower students to feel that, even when they are challenged, they have support from the campus community and the ability to navigate that experience successfully.

Our Goals:

  • Improve on the first-year experience of all students by encouraging an atmosphere of empowerment through self-advocacy, responsibility, and the courage to seek effective academic and wellness resources to ensure student success.
  • Provide faculty, staff, and campus decision makers with data, training, tools, and information that will promote student success as a major foundation of every aspect of the campus culture.
  • Emphasize the engagement of the entire campus community in each student’s success.