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Merit Scholarship Coaching

Tulane Merit Scholarship Continuation Information

Students who are at risk for losing their Tulane Merit Scholarship can work with the Success Staff to progress toward good standing with their merit scholarship. Students that utilize our office are required to create a plan with Michele Oelking or her approved substitute. If you are a candidate for the continuation of your Tulane Merit Scholarship, then you are notified via your Tulane email.

Who benefits from the probationary period:

  • Students who did not meet GPA requirements for scholarship
  • Students who fell below full time academic status (12 credits)
  • Students who are returning from a leave of absence (medical and non-medical)
  • Student who were previously on probation who fulfilled requirements for probation, but did not reach the cumulative GPA requirement. These students may continue to utilize the Merit Scholarship Continuation as long as they make progress toward the cumulative GPA requirement.

Important Reminder:

Students who were previously on probation and did not meet semester GPA requirement or credit hours will lose their scholarship and have the opportunity to appeal the loss of their scholarship. Students may appeal cancellation of scholarship to the Financial Aid Appeals Committee. The basis of the appeal must be extraordinary circumstances that were beyond the student’s control such as serious, extended physical or mental condition. Appeals may be approved or denied by the Committee.

Motivational Interviewing as a guide:

As a department, we strive to create a meaningful meeting experience for every student. Rather than simply imparting information and directives, advisors and coaches develop partnerships with students to create a non-judgmental and individualized approach. To provide this meeting environment, we use Motivational Interviewing (MI), which, as defined by Miller and Rollnick (2012), is "a collaborative conversation style for strengthening a person’s own motivation for change." By incorporating MI into our meetings, we act as academic support guides. Our staff helps students navigate the academic terrain, while also allowing for the students’ autonomy. We strive for Tulane students to feel understood and empowered to take ownership over their goals and strategies for success.

We understand that students face challenges and setbacks along the way, and our academic support services focus on creating plans to move forward. Specifically, the Success team meets individually with students each semester who are on merit scholarship probation to create a plan to make progress toward good standing on their scholarship. Using MI as the foundation for these meetings, students are given the opportunity to self-select realistic strategies and co-create an academic plan with a Success Coach to meet their GPA goal.

For more information about Motivational Interviewing, please visit:

For more information about merit scholarship continuation requirements, please refer to your Tulane email.